How To Host A First-Class Graduation Ceremony

It’s grad season! Celebrations are in order and there’s nothing quite like rounding off the academic year with a first-class graduation ceremony. But planning this big day isn’t an easy task. Thousands of students and their families are counting on you to commemorate the end of their degree in style. Try not to panic! We’ve

Everything You Need To Plan A Hiking Trip

Perfecting the plans for a group hiking trip can often feel like an impossible mountain to climb. Whether you’re a first time explorer or regularly trek through the great outdoors, it’s wise to pack a guide that you can unfold whenever you’re feeling lost.  Lace up your walking boots, grab a compass, and take a

Everything You Need To Start A Group Fitness Class

The benefits of a group fitness class are endless. Now that you’ve passed your personal trainer qualification, it’s about time you got stuck in and shared your expert fitness knowledge with your local community!  Working out as a group is a fantastic option for many people who would otherwise struggle to find the motivation. Your

Throwing A Baby Shower That The Mum-To-Be Will Love

Congratulations! You’ve been entrusted by the mum-to-be (or perhaps you’ve volunteered) to throw a beautiful baby shower in celebration of her family growing by one. And you’re probably here because the pressure is building, right? The good news is that organising this special event doesn’t have to be stressful! Granted, a lot of planning goes

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding With Padoq

You’ve landed here because you’re getting married (congratulations!) and have no idea where to start with the wedding planning. Well, we’ve got you covered. At Padoq, we understand that making sure everything is perfect for the big day isn’t an easy task – that’s why we’ve made the whole process a little easier with an

Road Trip Essentials Every Explorer Needs

Summer is finally making an appearance and we’re craving a road trip. With windows down, the sun warming our faces, and plenty of snacks to go round, there’s no better way to spend the weekend with amazing company. If you’re planning on hitting the road soon, we’ve compiled a handy list of must-haves for an

Getting Your Football Team Match Ready With Padoq

So you’ve been recently appointed as the coach of your football team and congratulations are in order! It’s a big responsibility to tackle; you’ve got to keep your eyes on the ball if you want to end the season basking in the glory. Before kick-off, you’ll need to make sure everything is in place –

Planning An Epic Group Holiday With Padoq

Let’s face it, group holidays can make or break friendships. If everything goes to plan, you’ll be heading home after an incredible adventure with a collection of wonderful memories that none of you will ever forget. But as we all know far too well, failing to follow the unwritten rules of a group trip could

Building An Online Community With Padoq

Establishing an online community is a fantastic way of encouraging individuals to actively engage with your brand. Yet many business owners fail to hit the mark when it comes to understanding their audience. Automated responses and unread messages leave users feeling excluded, discouraging them from interacting with the brand in future.  So How Can Padoq

Padoq Crowned As One Of The Most Exciting Companies In The North West

We are incredibly proud to announce that Padoq has been crowned as one of the North West’s Most Exciting Companies. The UK’s National B2B Media Company, Insider, assembled a panel of experts to determine the shining lights of the North West that are set to make a big impression in the next ten years. Founder

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