A guided tour of the newest Padoq improvements

Customer Success Manager Laura Curran explains what’s new and what’s improved in the latest Padoq app experience.

For those who use Padoq or a Powered by Padoq app, you may have noticed some things look a little different. We’re always looking for ways to make Padoq simpler, more organised and to add new features that ensures everyone gets the most out of using the app.

We’ve put together a quick guide to highlight a couple of the top updates and give you new ideas on the best way to use Padoq.

Notifications got organised

Do you struggle to keep on top of your notifications? Brenda has just commented on your post. Gavin has just requested to join your Southern Team group. Brenda has just commented on your post, again. Trevor has just mentioned you in his post. Wait, who sent me a request to join my Work Project group right before I just about to tuck into lunch? Overwhelming, right?

Now there’s a more manageable and organised home for those notifications, where you can easily filter between the different notification types as needed. So if you need to view all the membership requests in one place or maybe you want to check who has mentioned you in the app, you now can do so using the Padoq web portal. It’s much simpler and saves you lots of time that you would have previously used scrolling up and down your notifications trying to find that one thing you may have missed.

Try this out: Using the Padoq web portal, at the top of the portal to the left of the screen is a bell icon. Click this and you will then be able to click view all notifications. This will take you to this nice, new organised view of your notifications.

Likes & Dislikes got shinier

A handy feature from the old Padoq app was the ability to like and dislike posts. Great for seeing what is popular and not popular with your members. “Wow, that post where I shared a photo of my dog watching football got 203 likes!” But the feature stopped there. You couldn’t see who had liked or disliked… or do anything else with it really.

Many of our users suggested that it would be super handy to be able to see who had liked or disliked posts. So we listened (we’re always listening). You can now view this information, but we didn’t want to lose the option of people being able to like or dislike anonymously. So, we’ve given members the option: they can either like or dislike as themselves or remain anonymous.

We didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to make the feature even better. Wouldn’t it be super, super handy to be able to do something with this new information? Yes? You can now select members who have liked or disliked your post and create another post targeted just at them!

Pssst! Checklists Coming Soon

You heard it here first. Padoq is about to get even better. We’re launching something new, that we know you’ll love: checklists! Do you have a list of tasks you need people to complete? No problem! You can stop wasting time and stay on track of your tasks with the new checklist feature. Just watch this space!

We’re always happy to receive feedback …

Once you give these new features a whirl, I’m sure you’ll find Padoq even easier and more enjoyable to use. Have some feedback (good or bad)? You can contact us here: https://padoq.com/contact/

If you’ve not tried Padoq before and you’re interested in giving it a go, simply search for Padoq in your app store and download now. It’s free to use and is available on iOS and Android.

And did you know we also make businesses and organisations their own-branded Powered by Padoq apps? For more information, visit our website here www.padoq.com