Clickbait is annoying – yes, but have you ever thought about why it’s so common? The short answer is that it is vital for the publisher that their article is clicked, as this is the only way they are going to get money in their pocket.

Facebook and Twitter accounts known for click-baiting are usually criticized yet have large followings. Look at BuzzFeed for example – I’m sure most people reading this have heard of them and I’m pretty confident that a lot of people have clicked on one of their articles. They need to give these posts misleading headlines because nobody is going to click “video of a cat walking across piano” however, a post titled “Cat with 500 IQ plays the piano” gives you a little more incentive and intrigue to click.

I mean we have to cut them some slack, the life of a publisher is hard… like really hard. They’re constantly competing with thousands of other content creators for eyes on their posts. Even after they’ve managed to be the first to jump on a hot topic, that post might do well, but there’s no guarantee that the viewers will ever read their content again, meaning no guarantee of constant revenue. The entrepreneurial nature of the people who run these pages means they’re on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make money, making money on these platforms directly is impossible.

But does this have to be the case?

At Padoq we believe that the revenue we make from advertising should be split with the people that use and bring users to our app. This will make it much easier for publishers to post real, interesting content that they can monetize from. This will not only help put more money in content creators pockets, it will also make the communities more engaged and interesting.

Adverts will be available to the biggest and most engaged Padoqs first of all, but in time will be rolled out to every Padoq if they want them. We will let advertisers send requests for ads relevant to the group, then the admin can choose to accept or reject them. Once an advert has been accepted into the Padoq, a percentage of the money made will go to the admin. Allowing people to make their money from Padoq rather than begging for a click to their website lets people share interesting and creative content to build a long-term, engaged community rather than catching a person out on one occasion with a misleading title.

Let’s end click-bait with Padoq.

James Ediker