That Wasn’t There Earlier, was it?

Bees! Not only are they integral for our existence as a species, they’re also pretty cool. Their wings beat 190 times a second, the queen bee will lay approximately 1500 eggs a day. However, this article isn’t ‘10 fun facts about bees’, as much as I like bee facts, it’s an article about the bees that have popped up in our city, Manchester, from seemingly nowhere.

I saw the first couple on the way into work, just in front of the Manchester Central Library. I was a little confused – I was sure they weren’t there when I left work on Friday evening. When I got to work I did a little research (I’ll do anything to avoid actually working first thing on a Monday morning). What did I find? There’s 232 of these bees dotted around the city of Manchester – 101 large and over 131 smaller bees! Could I convince the powers that be (no pun intended) to let me out of the office to go and find all the 230+ bees for the sake of an awesome blog post? Well no, but I’ll try my best to tell you everything you need to know from the confines of the Padoq offices.

There are two types of bee sculptures – ‘Little Bees’ and ‘Big Bees’. ‘Little Bees’ have been thought up by the brilliant people of Manchester – designed by kids from local schools, youth groups and the artistic minds of people from local adult creative groups. The ‘Big Bees’ have been designed and decorated by loads of great artists, many of them Manchester based such as Adam Price, Amy Coney, and Meha Hindocha. Both the ‘Little’ and ‘Big’ Bees have all been designed, and created in aid of Charity. (is it worth including why the bees are there before right at the end?

My personal favourites are ‘Mike Summer-Bee’ located on City Square outside Manchester City football club, because it’s named after a Manchester city legend! In close second there is ‘AuBee’, which is outside of Piccadilly Station. I love how sleek it is. Also, if you’re a red, instead of going to see ‘Mike Summer-Bee’ maybe go and have a look at ‘Bee United’ at Old Trafford, I have to admit – it is a pretty cool design – and that’s coming from a blue.

There are some very creative people out there who have mixed my favourite beverage – beers, with great photos of these bees. Check out their Instagram –


The bees will only be around from the 23rd of July until the 23rd September. Whether you want to follow the bee trail around Manchester, or just learn more about the bees you see on your beeline commute from the station to work you should download the Bee in the City app. 25% of the profit made from the app will go towards the We love Manchester charity!- This charity supports some great causes including ‘Together Dementia Support’, the Gorton youth project and the ‘Winter Night Shelter’ that provides overnight shelter and support for homeless people in Manchester.

On the 17th of October 2018, the bees will be auctioned off for charity. The money raised from the auction will be given to the We Love MCR Charity who, as previously mentioned have helped loads of fantastic causes.

How many have you found?


Akeel Qureshi