Who owns your data? You or Faceless Entities?

Hub of All Things (HAT) is a technology that gives people a way to own their own personal data. Their innovation is called a ‘microserver,’ and it lets you store the information that you give your apps, social media accounts, calendars and phone privately, for yourself.



HAT was launched in June 2013, as the result of a research project that was undertaken by seven university professors at multiple prestigious British Universities including Warwick, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

The HAT work with industry partners large and small, including TATA Motors, Good-Loop social advertising, and leading fintech and HR technologies. They have secured funding from some of the UK’s best angel investors, like Alex van Someren and Humayun Sheikh, who have together invested millions in the UK tech sector through ventures in financial technology, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. In other words, the HAT is a pretty big deal!

What is it? The HAT micro-server itself is kind of like a database that has its own ‘computer brain’. This database pulls all of your personal information together and puts it in one place that you can control – your HAT. Inside your HAT, your data can be studied and distributed with your consent, to apps or websites or friends and family, thus giving you the power to choose which platforms you would like to share your personal information with.


What does this mean? The HAT is working to become the only user account you need when you’re using the Internet, automatically filling in forms for you, and keeping your personal information safe and up to date. The Hub-of-All-Things really does have the potential to change the internet for the better!

Our Chairman stumbled across the HAT not so long ago and was intrigued into what they were looking to achieve. We know that our products were different, but our core values are very similar. We both want the consumer to feel safe, we both believe in people having the right to their level of privacy, and we both want the user to have full control over what happens to their data.

In the future, we think there are many great opportunities to integrate the two services. When Mike Anderson (Padoq CEO and Co-founder) was asked during a podcast with Hub of All Things Community Manager Jonathan Holtby, what he liked about the HAT partnership, he said this. “Say I’m running a holiday Padoq, and I need everyone’s passports. What if instead of needing to put all of that information into the Padoq manually, I just fished it out of their HATs? It would make life easier for literally everyone.”

To listen to that full podcast, click this link: https://soundcloud.com/user-685566987/padoqandhat

Padoq and Hub of All Things both have big goals, and while we offer different services to our users, we hold on to many of the same values. Padoq and The HAT are making people’s lives easier whilst pulling the power away from the big companies. We want to give power back to you – the user, the organiser, the community champion.

Make it easier with Hub of All Things. Check them out at www.hubofallthings.com 

James Ediker