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We build world class mobile apps that don’t expire. Whether you want a solution for property, retail, membership, workforce or indeed any sector or business objective trust the experts at Padoq.

At Padoq we provide a bespoke service to deliver your goals. Our experts and our platform’s £1m+ of functionality; trusted by publicly listed companies, can build you a secure, tested, and scalable app that can be deployed in as little as 28 working days. Priced from £15k.

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some of the amazing companies that we're working with...

We’re working with some amazing organisations across a number of different sectors, to build engaging and dynamic low code native apps. From amazing property management companies like Vita Student to innovative global work experience programmes through Pagoda. Check out our solutions, case studies or contact us for more information.

dynamic functionality for flexible engagement

We don’t just build beautiful apps, we offer solutions to operational and engagement problems. Whether you’re joining the mobile app revolution, want to unify your comms or need a new channel for community engagement, Padoq can help you achieve that.

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Increased User Engagement
  • Financial Savings Up Front & Ongoing
  • Facilitated Service Interactions
  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Scalability at Own Pace
  • Centralised Content Creation & Publication
  • Flexible User Access
  • New Commercial Revenue Streams
  • Full
    Ownership of
    Audiences &
    Their Data

from idea to reality in as little as 28 days

We love turning your ideas into reality and we can do it very quickly.

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case study: pagoda projects

Branded mobile app delivered in 3 weeks that enabled Pagoda Projects to trial personal workspaces for their students. Full rollout 1 month later that offered a secure, personalised share space for students, employees and sponsors to connect….

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