All your group’s
needs – in one app

Take the stress out of knowing who's coming, who's paid
and what's going on.

What is Padoq?

Padoq is a mobile app that gets people with shared hobbies and interests together in an environment that they trust. Within this, we give you a comprehensive range of tools to better organise and communicate with your group.

This is perfect for:

Organising your team
Planning a trip or event
Discussing a hobby or interest

We believe in the power of communities

Get all the people who
matter in one space

We know people want to do things but are often put off with the thought of organising.

Use Padoq to:

Vote on when & where is best to meet
Plan Events
Share files & photos
Discuss as a group



Request, Remind and Collect Money


Chat with others in private


Capture voices and opinions


Photos, Files and information


Plan events and collect information

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Absolute Control

You are a different person in work, with your family & with your friends. This is normal. We have created a structure that replicates this.

Ability to create a new display name and picture in each Padoq your join
You can be anonymous when you want to be
Information shared is kept within each Padoq

Remove the awkward conversations over

Let us do it for you.

Collect money as easy as sending a text
Send out reminders to the inevitable stragglers

This is what the future
looks like

We may have just started but we have ambitious goals that will take us global.

Web: Padoq will be getting its own desktop browser. Perfect for managing large groups of people
Open banking: Ability to add your bank account to Padoq to pay and receive transactions