Platform Expertise
In the age of mobility

We are the industry leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides proven, scalable and secure digital applications. Our Integration as a Service (iPaaS) capability allows you to access your previous investment in systems and data to leverage really useful digital experiences.

Whether you need a solution to improve brand engagement, business productivity, customer experience or efficient digital transactions - we
will accelerate your roadmap.

Lettings Management Hybrid Office - Desk Booking & Employee Social NetworkRetail, E-Commerce & Brand Ambassadors Influencers & Subscriptions Private Social Network Memberships & Networks Workforce Engagement Fieldforce Engagement & Organisation Payments Property developments / BTR Co-working Communities Hospitality Employee Engagement Candidate & Client Organisation Social Commerce

Your Possibilities

Digital solutions for everybody. See everything that Padoq can offer you and your business.

Digital Transformation

Our Goal: To underpin digitally significant ambitions

SaaS / App Cost Reduction

Our Goal: Consolidate your systems and reduce your costs

Single "Pane of glass"

Our Goal: Create that go-to place to get things done

Tenant Engagement & community

Our Goal: Efficient access to services and a sense of belonging

Employee Engagement & community

Our Goal: Support the new world of work and expectations about communication

E-Commerce & Social Commerce

Our Goal: To bring the best that Apps have to offer to the retail experience


Our Goal: Linking the transaction to the payment

Data Access

Our Goal: Helping you get out what everyone has put in

App Development Productivity

Our Goal: Helping CTOs deliver more quickly

What can Padoq offer you?

We pride ourselves on our platform's flexibility and the ability to adapt our technical solutions to a wide variety of business types.

Low Code Solutions

Our platform is designed to drive delivery of current functionality through configuration rather than code. Our project process therefore focusses on your innovations, user success and the necessary data integrations.

No Hidden Costs

We won’t surprise you with fees to update your app every time a new operating system or phone is released. Launched off an evolving single code base, all Padoq solutions are continually maintained and supported as part of the licence.

High ROI

The Padoq platform is rich with functionality. Therefore we focus on your success with your digital transformation project. We are confident in our ability to solve any complexity in your requirements and deliver fast results.

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